You won’t always connect with everyone and that’s okay

With all the networking opportunities available, we often can become overwhelmed.  Networking is a fantastic way to get your product and/or service in front of the many as opposed to one to one.  With any effective networking, it is “critical” for you to understand that other businesses are there NOT to meet you but to introduce their offers.  Depending on the network, many are self-centered and don’t truly understand the purpose, which is to serve others and build relationships.  Many do know this but the desire to grow their business is so overwhelming that they lose sight of their main purpose.

How do I know?  I’ve been a part of many networking groups and saw the good the bad and the ugly.  Within these groups, you will find authentic individuals focused on helping others by making referrals.  At the same time, however, there are many others who try simply to gain you as a customer.  That is totally the wrong reason for networking.  You will also find many who become arrogant that what they have to offer is much more in demand than what you are offering.  You’ll notice cliques that hang out to only gain recognition from one another without having true relationships.

So what are YOU to do?  You know you need to get connected and build relationships in order to grow your business.  I created a short video to help you understand, you won’t connect to everyone and that’s okay.  If you give up on being authentic and realizing your own fascinating self, you will fall into a group unworthy of your efforts.  Trust your gut and allow it to lead you to those YOU trust and respect and your business will grow.  Remember, there is no time to allow negativity into your mindset, which often comes from being frustrated when you see these situations occur.  Know what you’re looking for and what you’re ready to accept or not accept.  Grow your business by setting the example that others should follow.  You’ll be surprised at how many people accept the crowd and become an unhappy business owner.  Not today!  Now that you have some insights, go out and find the networks that resonate with who you are and how you want to run your business.

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Don’t forget to be YOU

When you are confused about what path to take or who to listen to, don’t forget to be YOU.  Click the link below to listen to a powerful message.

The Truth About Millennials

I encourage you to realize that we are ALL just a “label” someone has attached to us. The problem is, we begin to live our lives seeing ourselves as only those labels. It is YOUR job to determine “who YOU are”, and how you label yourself. Let me give you an example. What if you say you are a Mother or Father, and I keep telling you that you aren’t? I will soon create friction between us and you will either walk away, become angry, or for some, possibly begin to believe what I have stated. Do you see the problems that can arise when WE label someone?

I could go on and on about this subject because there is SO much to learn. For now, I’d like for you to begin thinking about who you have attached a label to and to start identifying your own labels. Remembering that only you have the power to label, or identify, who you are!

I love this short video from Simon Sinek, and thought this is so appropriate to share with you today. I hope you’ll take some time to listen to it a few times. Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

What if we “stopped” blaming the Employee and…..


What if we quit trying to “figure out ” what is going on with our employees, and why they aren’t engaged, or participating, and why they are leaving, and INSTEAD…. looked at how we talk about them and treat them?

As a Personal Development and Business Coach, I take a different approach than most business coaches. I do this, not because they are wrong and I am right, but because I think we are missing the boat. Let me ask a question.

How many times a day do you read a post, article, news feed, or forum questions about “How to get employees engaged?”, or “What programs are your employees participating in?”, or “How do you monitor a work from home program…?”, and on and on and on.

Are we talking about employees or people? Did you have to think about that before answering it? You see, somewhere along the line, we forgot that we are dealing with people, not some foreign entity from worlds beyond.

Look at the picture above. Every person has a life outside of the office. One that fulfills them and makes them who they are, good or bad. If we are desiring to change the dynamics of the workforce, we START by treating employees like people!

I created a program for businesses that addresses all the areas I believe need to be evaluated, and redesigned, to put the employee FIRST. Not last, not somewhere, not when needed, not when it’s convenient, but ALWAYS!

When we understand this is “essential”, and not just something nice to do, bottom lines will increase, turnover will be drastically reduced, we won’t be blaming millennials, employees will become loyal supporters of the company, customer service will be improved and everyone will WIN!!!

Treat employees like PEOPLE, and they will act accordingly.
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Start INVESTING in the Personal Development of your people and you will never lose!

Unlock Employee Potential Utilizing Personal Development

I recently had the opportunity to speak at an event on how to unlock employee potential. Why does it matter? Picture this: your employee is unique and has many more skills, abilities, gifts and talents, than what you see on a resume. By tapping into these amazing assets, you can help to unleash the potential that is hidden, and help to develop these areas to create a “high performer”. How much money could you possibly be leaving on the table by “not” investing in what your employee is capable of achieving?

Speaking at ATD

This group of people is intent on learning and developing themselves and others. I shared with them why our perception of others matters. What if you consistently believed that each person had “more” to offer than you could see?

We talked about the importance of Personal Development vs Professional Development. It is a fact that everyone wants to know, “what’s in it for me”. Professional Development is only one piece of the puzzle. Our lives are made up of more than just our career. We care about our finances, our family/friends, our social environments, our spiritual well-being, our communities, as well as our careers. This is why Personal Development is key. What are you doing to ensure your employees have balance in their lives? When we don’t have our needs met, we become stressed, anxious, and worry. This leads to low performance.

Being intentional means we are taking action. Just because we “say” things, doesn’t mean we will do them. In order to build successful relationships, which is vital in the workplace, we must be intentional about creating Win/Win situations. Without striving to do this, we are eliminating the potential of creating high performers. What is your business “intentional” about when it comes to developing and maximizing your employees potential?

Simple Steps to Ensure YOU are Adding Value

This word is all to commonly used.  What I want to share is, are you really adding value?  How do you know when you add value?  Just saying the words, “my purpose is to add value”, can often times be just another phrase.  Watch the short video and take time to think about your own business, yourself, your product or service.

Be sure to share your comments and let me know how YOU are adding value!  

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2016 A Business Development Coach Brings Value

In many businesses, the focus is on increasing sales and services. Increasing the bottom line. Of course this is critical to any business. Companies who aren’t seeing success often times call in coaches to assist them in developing a plan to address their financial issues, marketing plan, direction of the company, and/or even training. There are a number of different types of business coaches that provide expertise in these areas. But what about “people”.

I often read and research a companies Mission and Vision statement. Some are quite static, while others are unique and exciting. There are companies that live out their values, through developing a culture that supports the vision. Others, quite honestly, are satisfied with the perfect words that might lure in a client. Question your culture. Does your companies culture align with what your employees and clients see? If you desire to stand out and be chosen over your competitor, answering this question is vital to your organization. So how do you build your culture?

Just as you would seek outside help for coaching on finances, marketing, etc., you need to seek a coach to develop people. As a Personal Development and Business coach, my focus is not on the bottom line. Yes, it matters but the bottom line will not be where it could be, without “people” working to their full potential. This has nothing to do with pushing your employees to work harder until they crash and burn. It has nothing to do with incentives or penalties. Remember, we are talking about “people”.

Most, not all companies, include professional development goals in an employees Performance Review. Who is this really for? The way this often times comes across is: what more can you do for the company? Is this truly developing an individual? Don’t misunderstand, I wholeheartedly believe in career well being, and motivating a person to develop themselves to achieve “their” vision. Be careful as to why you are including professional development goals. Listen to your employees and help to develop them, not mold them into what you desire.

Satisfied employees magically appear when you SEE them, HEAR them, and HELP them to be successful. Why do you need a coach? One reason is that often times HR doesn’t have the time to invest in addressing personal development. Their focus is on ensuring that professional standards are being met. Another reason is that often times when you are on the “inside”, you don’t have the ability to notice what is truly going on. People who don’t trust their employer will never voice their dissatisfaction. Don’t be fooled. This doesn’t mean it won’t affect the company. In fact, it will eat it apart. Negative attitudes breed, and soon create a monster that is most difficult to get rid of.

Yes, I am a Personal Development and Business Coach and perhaps that makes me bias. I do however have experience in various industries, watched as management disregarded the voice of the employees, watched as there was little to no direction, and watched how people with hidden potential, never were able to utilize their gifts. My passion is in changing the way businesses lead their companies and employees.

We will never solve the overwhelming issues of employee engagement, turnover, lack of participation, poor wellness programs, and poor leadership until we “embrace” the fact, that something NEEDS to change.

2016 is the year to change.

  • What is the cost of not developing your leaders, and your employees?
  • What are you investing in right now that is not providing the results your desire?

Coaching is here to stay. It is growing and people and companies are experiencing results. Of course there is a price to pay. It is not only a financial investment, it is a “commitment”. It is taking action. From the TOP down. Yes from the President on down. You can never establish a united workforce without senior leaders investing in the process. Companies that are successful know this secret. It isn’t something you do TO your employees, it is something you do FOR them.

  • What will 2016 bring about in your company?
  • What are you wanting to see changed?
  • What value are you seeing within your organization that you want to increase?
  • What is important to you about your employees?

Personal Development and Business Coaching can restore your company. It can create the solutions you need when developing people. Coaching brings out the BEST in your employees, so they are able to DELIVER their best!

It’s time to create Innovative Solutions through Masterminding what YOUR company needs to succeed!

Your Essential Insights delivers results. It’s the ONLY choice when results matter. You won’t find a standard protocol, you will find solutions that are unique to your business.

Get on board in 2016 – see what coaching will mean to YOU!

How to STOP Worrying!

What YOU may not realize is that worrying is another name for FEAR! Fear keeps you stuck in the moment and shuts down your ability to make a clear decision.

There are many different faces of fear, and we all experience one or more of these, and sometimes all at once. Learn how to identify your fears, the cause, and how to remove them.

I will show you HOW to take back control of your thinking and “EMPOWER” you to think more clearly.

Innovative Goal Setting Tips for the Business Professional or Personal Use

How to use your “organizational chart” and your “mission statement” creatively

Is your organizational chart serving you?  Or is it a bunch of blocks with names?

Here is a simple, yet creative solution to get you started on introducing a new way to engage your employees, and create a TEAM!


Take your organizational chart to NEW and EXCITING ways to begin maximizing your efforts.

Here you go:


organizational chart

For “every” department/position, have your employees develop their own Mission Statement!  How do they see their department/position enhancing the company?  What are they seeing as their contribution to moving the company forward?  List every way possible.


Each department should discuss what their mission statement will be.  This means, “every” person has a voice and is to share their own value.  Take time here to ensure that your department “agrees” on how you will BEST serve the company’s value and provide your expertise.


Next, submit your combined mission statement to the next rung up on the organizational chart.  You will start to notice that each department should have their own unique value and ways to contribute.


As each department submits their statements, they should ALL be reviewed, and shared somewhere in the overall Mission Statement of the company.  


Why is this important?  Because those at the top cannot possibly know all the value their company holds.  It is the job of each department to share their value and how they are contributing.  This brings the REAL mission statement to LIFE.  When each person, each department, can share how they SEE they can provide value and that their efforts are recognized and valued, in being a crucial part of the company, you are creating a UNITED effort.


When companies disregard the voices of those actually doing the work, engagement and loyalty fall apart.  People become frustrated and are merely there for a paycheck.  These types of individuals will never put forth their full efforts, expertise, or unique value.  

If you desire a thriving company, you MUST begin to put the most important things first.  Your employees.


Will this take work?  Yes.  Will it be worth it?  You bet.

What if your departments can’t agree?  Then it means you have more to offer, and you are beginning to uncover more talents and skills than you realize.  Use them!  Be sure you have REAL leaders in place to have discussions, so your people understand how they can all contribute, they are important, and their uniqueness is “welcomed”.


Now, look at your organizational chart and combine your NEW findings and create a  POWERFUL mission statement that resonates with ALL your departments.  Watch your company become more united and serve you and your customers at a whole NEW level.

Share your comments and your NEW mission!  I want to hear from you.  If you get stuck, remember, EVERY position/person/department, have a role in the company and it is in YOUR best interest to find how each person is contributing their value!