About me

I am Laurie Maxson, a Certified Intrinsic Coach ®.  As a Personal Development and Business Coach, Speaker, Talk Show guest, I am here to serve you.

My faith and belief in God are what drives me. I believe that every individual has unique value and I help my clients find it.  This creates extraordinary results in businesses and individual lives.  


The greatest gift we have all been given is the ability to enjoy life to the fullest!  Most people find these moments as fleeting or short lived.  One of the reasons I focus on working with individuals is to help you find this gift inside of you.  We all are here to live and laugh and serve.  When we focus too much on simply getting through the day, the yearning for the ability to dream and laugh disappear.  With my one on one coaching, you will find the dreamer inside of you and awaken them.  No matter where you are today, tomorrow can be different.  It remains a choice.  For me, I decided long ago that staying where I was caused more regret and pain than going after my dreams.  So today I live life.  The struggles and obstacles reside no matter which we choose but the benefits of having no regrets create a confidence and joy to tackle any that come your way.  I encourage you to get started today on renewing your committment to living your life to the fullest!


My business coaching strategies are unique.  While we will cover many traditional areas of your business, we will also dive into areas that many companies don’t think about.  I believe in “DELIVERING” results, and that requires YOUR commitment to take action on what we discover.


I have also worked many years in Corporate America and identified a critical area that will either break a company or enhance it.  This area is whether there are “Leaders” in your business or “Bullies”.  Poor leadership results in a turnover, under performing employees, conflict, stress, poor customer relations, and this list can go on.  Developing true leaders, and knowing what qualifies someone to lead, is crucial.

If you are looking for a business coach that walks you through a “standard approach”, this isn’t the place for you.  We are in this together.  The goal:  creating high performing employees and leaders, building a strong culture, mission, and vision, and ensuring everyone are aligned.  Results:  energized, excited, engaged employees, which in turn creates customer satisfaction and returning customers.

If you are looking for a business coach that will help you STAND out and get creative, we need to talk.  Let’s see if we connect.  One thing I guarantee, if I don’t believe I can help you, I don’t want your investment.  Email:  passion@youressentialinsights.com  TODAY!



As a Certified Intrinsic Coach ® I have worked with clients for years, in assisting them with implementing health management programs, to motivate their employees.  What I learned during these consultations is that unless you take the focus off of the organization, and actually onto serving your population, you will never obtain engaged and motivated employees.  This is where I come in.  I understand the frustrations companies face, as well as the employees.  I help bridge the gap with creative, sincere, and powerful strategies, that move your organization into an empowered and energized team.  I walk you through a Consultative Analysis/Questionnaire.  Together, we identify where you are and where you want to go.  Next, we work through a "7 Step Program", that targets areas that will make your foundation rock solid.

In order to become YOUR best, you can't be like the rest!


Why should you listen to me?  I have worked with tons of business owners, individuals, and leaders.  I've seen the following great leaders have and why employees are eager to be their best.  I have also worked for horrible leaders.  Ones that have little to no integrity, disrespect their employees, are self serving, and can't be trusted by employees or customers.  There is a difference, and by learning how to value each employee, develop leaders, you eliminate the obstacles most companies face today.  As a business and personal development coach, I focus on helping you achieve the most out of your product/service/organization/employees, with simple and low cost solutions.  

I spent years working directly with clients to implement strategies that would drive employee participation, in wellness programs.  During that time, I discovered many hidden aspects as to WHY employees were not engaged or motivated.  It had nothing to do with the so-called "benefits" they were being provided.  In actuality, some of these "benefits" were actually causing more harm than good.  Today, I work with companies to develop what their employees NEED, which MOST companies are sadly overlooking.  

I worked with people for 10 years on managing their health, by gaining clarity on what was important to them.  What I discovered was that many times, individuals were not held back because of their physical health, but their emotional health.  When I became a Certified Intrinsic Coach ® through Christina Marshall's program , I was able to apply this methodology to help individuals, no matter what their circumstance or situation.  I have also continued my learning on how powerful our thinking is and how important it is to control our thoughts.  

I won't make you promises that your life/business will change.  You are the only one who can put the strategies I teach you, in to action.  I do guarantee that your sessions, will be personalized to YOU/Your Organization.  You will see results as you begin to change, commit to the "7 Step Program", and continue focusing on developing people.

Get in touch with me today!  Email:  passion@youressentialinsights.com



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These are some of the Amazing Authors, Speakers, Personal Development/Life Coaches, and Writers that have been a blessing to me:  Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Christina Marshall, Sally Hogshead, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard, and shared so many powerful insights.  I cannot help but Pay it Forward and share them with you! I am an affiliate for these fantastic authors.  Check them out!